Frequently Asked Questions

Products, Devices and Materials

What kind of protection for my device do your cases provide?

Our cases have been crafted with the rigours of daily life in mind. They protect against dust, grime, bumps and minor spills. They are not waterproof and you should still take care with your device.

Our grips are manufactured using a high-performance POM plastic, flexible and durable plastic components and neodymium magnets.

Product Usage and Assembly

How do I insert my device into the grip?

To insert your device, place it gently into the grip and then press down, clicking your device firmly into place.

How do I remove my device from the grip?

To remove your tablet from the grip, first find the release system button on the inside edge of the grip. Place your thumb on the release button and press down, then place one finger in the opening for headphones at the top and pull your device out firmly.