What Makes Our Tablet Cases Different

Inspire Creative Expression

Every Paperblanks eXchange case is equally fashionable and functional, instilling a sense of confidence and creative inspiration with each use. With diverse cover designs and more viewing positions than any other tablet case, eXchange’s unparalleled versatility celebrates your freedom of self-expression.

Paperblanks Covers That Stand Out from the Crowd

Express yourself with our diverse selection of decorative covers by Paperblanks. Featuring top-selling journal cover art and eight colourful new options, our design library offers a stylish selection for any occasion.

A Cover for Every Occasion

Your tablet is an everyday part of life, going from home to work to an evening out. eXchange makes it an effortless pleasure to change your tablet cover to showcase your individuality in all realms of life.

Protect Your Tech in Style

To properly protect the technology they hold, Paperblanks eXchange cases have been designed with the rigours of everyday use in mind. Our grip technology holds your tablet securely in place, with protective edges keeping the screen, ports and buttons safe from bumps, scratches and spills. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, there is no fear of sacrificing safety when choosing your favourite cover design.


With a sturdy plastic grip interior, durable locking mechanism and protective edges, your tablet is safe within our Tablet Jacket System. So go ahead – take it anywhere!


Our textured covers aren’t just chic, they’re protective, too! When the case is closed, every edge of your tablet is protected from the elements, so you can toss it in your shoulder bag or workbench drawer knowing it will be shielded from any abrasive objects.


It’s not just the screen that we’ve sought to protect – eXchange has you covered from spills right down to the buttons and ports!

See Things Your Way

It would have been easy to select a few remarkable designs from our Paperblanks collection and pop them onto a tablet case, but we didn’t stop there. Our design team called upon their years of bookbinding experience when developing the eXchange grip technology, and the result is a case that makes your screen viewable from any angle or orientation.

Highly Stable at Any View

Whether you’re glancing at a recipe, watching a movie in bed or giving a presentation, Paperblanks eXchange cases make sure your screen is not only viewable, but stable in every situation.

See the World in Style

Whether your tablet case is open or shut, you can always snap a photo or take a video with our built-in camera hole.

Convenient Sleep/Wake function

Our cases have been designed to meet all of your needs – including waking up your device, and putting it to sleep, on demand! Simply open or shut your eXchange cover to get started or take a rest.

Keep the Volume Under Control

The naturalistic volume button covers on the eXchange grip are easy‑to‑find, easy‑to‑push ways to keep your sound levels under control.

Easily Connect Your Headphones

Our well-designed cases protect your iPad mobile digital device’s ports from dust and grime while still keeping them functional. Simply plug your headphones into the opening and get video chatting or grooving to your tunes.

The Power is in Your Hands

Whether the cover is open or shut you can easily power up your device by pressing the button built into the grip.